This website is all about our airsoft sport activities that started in oktober 2016.
Getting an airsoft license, scouting and buying the gear, uniform, accessories, getting a team together and many more.

Founded by Don Leone and Red Sniper, both located in the IJmond area, 30 km west of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. First they became member of the NABV, the Dutch Airsoft Association which has a legal status since 2013. Then they started to get all the gear to begin playing airsoft.
The intention was to start their own team, so they decided to give the team a name, logo and uniform.
The name they came up with was "Mighty Assault Force" with a lion in the logo. The lion is the national Dutch symbol, it is also in the flag of the town Heemskerk where both founders assiociate with.
For the uniform they decided to use a rather new camouflage pattern, the Multicam Tropical.
Both are still working to get their gear as complete as possible to join many skirms in 2017.
Some Airoft equipment has been purchased, like side arms, an Heckler & Koch 417D with sniper conversion, a Heckler & Koch G28 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), jackets, helmets, protophones, extra mags, scopes and many more.